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Why Choose Consortio Funding LLC?

If you are looking to sell your house, were the best there is to make this transaction as smooth as possible

More options to sell your house...


 Any Home, Any Situation


Sell Your House Fast


Consortio Funding LLC, has purchased hundreds and hundreds of homes. While real estate agents utilize ONE strategy to sell houses – the multiple listing service (MLS), we utilize many strategies to buy and sell homes faster and more efficiently. Explore our website to learn about the 12 ways to sell a home that no agent will tell you!

Complete the questionnaire and get your offers!


Sell Your Home

  • Cash Offers, close in as little as 48 hours!
  • No Realtors, commissions, fees, or closing costs
  • We can also take over your payments
  • Many creative programs available

List Your Home

  • We can list your home for you
  • If we can’t sell it – we’ll buy it!

Did you know there are more than 12 ways to sell beyond what real estate agents will offer? Let us show you the world beyond traditional real estate.


Alternatives to Foreclosure

  • We love fixer-uppers – any condition!
  • Divorce, Health Problems, Probate, Bankruptcy, Out-Of-State Sellers, we’ve done it all and can guide you through this…
  • We can stop most foreclosures!
  • No Equity, No problem
  • We Take Over Payments
  • We can negotiate your mortgage loan
  • Short Sale

We have provided hundreds of people with alternatives to foreclosure by negotiating the mortgage debt with their lender!

We solve problems
You name it, we’ve done it!



Short Sale

Easy to startEvery short sale situation is unique. At Consortio Funding LLC we help identify the best possible alternatives to foreclosure. Following a thorough analysis of your situation by our specialists, we will work with you and your lender to come up with the appropriate solution for your particular situation. Consortio Funding LLC will work diligently on your behalf, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved. Due to our hard work and dedication, we have an extremely high success rate.


Easy to start

From the moment you call us and say "sell my home" to the day you have the money from the sale in hand, you'll realize we do things differently. There are many companies that buy houses, but we treat you as though we are doing business with family. We want to help end the worry and the sleepless nights you have spent wondering how you were going to sell your house fast, especially in this market. Submit your form and let us worry about your problems.